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A year of living mindfully.

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May is the month of mayhem.

You know, where I blog irregularly and you pretend not to notice.

Project Liberation is my mission to meditate for 730 hours.

(That’s one hour every morning and evening for 365 days.)

It’s for you and for me and for everyone,

for the dogs and the cats and the birds and the trees.

But mostly it’s for our dancing, monkey brains.

I am you. You are me. We’re all the same.

If you want to know more, look inside yourself. We can do it together. (Or you could read my book.)

What can I say? I am many things, many people and many places. An avoider of questions with a tendancy to get pontifical. Yep, that’s pretty much me.

I’m really bossy.

That’s why I have a blog. Bossy people always have blogs.

I love sweet things.

Like you, for example. And gummy worms. But I’m working on that.

I’m available on Facebook.

Here’s where it all began.

A year of living recklessly in the land down under.

Coming this summer from Iguana Books.

Amy Knapp has got all the trappings of a satisfactory existence: a nice boyfriend with blond hair, a cozy apartment in Montreal and three years of law school under her belt. She plays the piano, speaks French, wears tidy suits and weighs a cool 115 pounds.  All signs point to an impossibly bright future. Yet under this slick veneer is an assortment of dirty secrets: she does three hours of aerobic exercise every day, spends more time with calorie counting software than she does with textbooks, and her definition of “dinner” has devolved to three chocolate-covered almonds daily. And that nice boyfriend disappeared months ago. Faced with option of returning to school or checking into an institution, she makes a choice and packs her bags for the other side of the world to learn what it means to live a big, audacious, authentic life.

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